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When using Clairvoyance in Psychonauts 2, players can see how NPCs perceive Raz differently. This is what Liz, a maternal lobe worker, sees.

Using Clairvoyance in Psychonauts 2, players can see the weird ways that NPCs visually perceive Raz. For example, instructor Hollis sees Raz as a hatching chick, symbolizing that Raz has psychic abilities in Psychonauts 2 but still has a lot to learn. On the other hand, Lili perceives Raz as a prince charming holding a rose. However, Raz eerily appears as a cigarette machine to Liz, a random worker in the maternal lobe.

Psychonauts 2The story of is well known for its wacky humor, both comedic and sinister. The fact that Liz sees Raz as a cigarette distributor certainly leans more on the dark side of comedy in Psychonauts 2. The game definitely doesn’t stray from the bizarre or bizarre imagery – the very first level shows Raz wandering around Dr. Loboto’s mind filled with uncomfortable amounts of human teeth. While teeth explain Loboto’s aspiring profession as a dentist, perhaps Liz de Raz’s perception of a cigarette machine reveals something unique about her psyche.

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There are several possible theories that fans might speculate as to why Raz looks like a cigarette vending machine for Liz. The first is that Liz likes to smoke and wants a cigarette while Raz walks around the maternal lobe. Another hypothesis could be that Liz sees any new intern as someone who can do errands for her, like delivering a pack of cigarettes to her. After all, Raz was first tasked with helping Mailroom Clerk Nick to Psychonauts 2.

Raz looks like a cigarette dispenser for Liz in Psychonauts 2 Theories

Psychonauts 2 Clairvoyance Cigarette Machine

The third theory as to why Liz perceives Raz as a cigarette vending machine in Psychonauts 2 is that he wears Sasha’s clothes. When Raz first met the other young interns, they intimidated him by locking him in a storage room without his clothes on. After successfully escaping, Raz falls into a laboratory where Sasha and Otto Mentallis are chatting. Once discovered, Sasha provides the “smallest clothes he had” for Raz to wear.

More than once in the history of Psychonauts games, Sasha is seen smoking a cigarette. Therefore, it is possible that Liz considers Sasha – or anyone wearing her outfit – to be a heavy smoker. The final theory of Liz’s perception of Raz is that she can mirror the way she treats (her own) children. For Liz, children could be nothing more than vending machines for the items she needs at a specific time. While it’s not a pleasant thought, it might explain why she sees Raz as a distributor of cigarettes.

There are several other interesting concepts of Raz when using Clairvoyance. For example, players can find a Psychonauts 2 raz easter egg resembling Eddie Riggs (protagonist of Brutal legend). Raz, with a heavy metal look, does indeed give off better vibes than Liz’s cigarette machine, although both cases are quite memorable.

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Psychonauts 2 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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