Vaping addiction: what are the side effects of vaping? Is it safe? | Opinion

Did you know that more than one in 10 high school students, or 12.4%, regularly use electronic cigarettes, compared to only 1.9% of smokers? Unfortunately, children become addicted to nicotine, which studies show is harmful to the developing brain. Studies also show that teenagers who are addicted to nicotine are at high risk of turning to traditional cigarettes or even other addictive substances.

Unfortunately, the predatory tactics of e-cigarette manufacturers led my daughter to believe that their products could help her feel better, improve her depression, and have more fun. Instead, the chemicals in these products altered his brain, increasing his anxiety and depression, leading to severe addiction, and dramatically increasing his suicidal ideation. For a moment she felt so desperate that she didn’t want to live. We almost lost her.

Vaping addiction stole my daughter’s senior year, devastated our relationship with her for a time, and cost us thousands of dollars in addiction treatment. Unfortunately, the battle is not over. The other day our daughter said, “Vaping is literally the worst decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

Fortunately, our own Congressman, Chris Stewart, is currently the Republican co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on Ending the Youth Vaping Epidemic and has been a true leader on this issue. We urge Congressman Stewart to continue pushing the FDA to make reducing youth e-cigarette use a top priority. The agency is currently making decisions about which e-cigarettes can stay on the market. We ask him to urge the FDA not to authorize the sale of flavored e-cigarettes.

Kye Nordfelt

Saint George

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