‘Unique’ baby name sparks countless jokes – like if the child is ‘machine washable’ or picked from a Sears catalog

A NEW mum has sparked some internet sympathy for her baby after sharing the newborn’s unique name on social media.

Although the young mother didn’t share the inspiration behind the moniker, it seems she’s a big fan of blue jeans.


A new mum who seems to love blue jeans has given her child an unusual name that is being mocked on RedditCredit: Getty

The unidentified mother revealed the odd name choice while sharing her birthing experience online.

A screenshot of her post has since been shared on Reddit, where users mock her baby name.

“I’m 23 and had an amazing birthing experience as a first-time mom, vaginally and drug-free!” read the original post.

She then shared the baby’s controversial name without hinting that she realized it was unusual.

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“Indigo Cotton was born on 7.11.22 and 8:07 p.m.,” she wrote.

The editors were quick to mock the name, noting that the particular combination of first and middle is unfortunate.

“Your child is now a blouse description in a Sears catalog,” one wrote.

” Is it machine washable ? asked another.

“Indigo? Good. I don’t like it but it’s ok. Cotton? You named your child after a clothing option,” wrote another.

A few pointed out that Indigo Cotton lent itself perfectly – albeit oddly – to the use of “Jean” as a nickname, while others focused on pre-Civil War American connotations.

“It gives the pre-war period,” wrote one of them.

“I feel like this eccentric free spirit got married barefoot on a plantation,” wrote another, while a third joked, “BRB writes a list of ‘Cash Crop Baby Names’.”

“Continuing the theme, her next child will be tobacco, sugar cane,” another joked.

Another called it ridiculous, with one saying ‘it looks like something I would call my hamster when I was 4’.



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