Two brands of Reynolds cigarettes defy declining sales trend | Economic news



Natural American Spirit, one of the top 10 American brands, recorded an increase of 2.9%. Camel sales fell 0.1%, while Pall Mall fell 7.4% as more smokers moved away from discount cigarettes.

Meanwhile, Marlboro saw a 7.5% drop in volume, suggesting brand pressure persists inside and outside California, Herzog said.

Herzog also said Marlboro was affected by “ineffective promotional strategies, increased competitive pressures and faster growth of e-cigs, especially Juul.”

“We remain optimistic that Marlboro should show signs of overall stabilization in equities in the second quarter.”

ITG Brands LLC was down 2.4%, with significant volume drops for Winston (down 10.3%). ITG’s market share remains overall at 7.5%, while Winston remained at 2.3% and Kool and Maverick edged up to 1.6%.

When it comes to e-cigarettes, Herzog reported that Juul had a 49.6% market share, up from 40% just two months ago.

At this level, Juul has surpassed the Marlboro brand’s leading market share (46.2%) for traditional cigarettes.

Meanwhile, RJ Reynolds Vapor Co.’s Vuse fell from 20.7% to 21.4%.

Current sales represent a dramatic change from a year ago, when Vuse had a 35.4% market share and Juul 25%.


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