Top 5 best-selling Japanese cigarette brands


What are the best-selling Japanese cigarette brands? How many brands of Japanese cigarettes are there anyway? Let’s find out.

Japan has 400 years of smoking history. Tobacco was introduced to Japan in the 16e century by Spanish and Portuguese sailors and traders, around the same time, tobacco was introduced to the rest of the world from America. During the Edo period (1603-1868), Japan developed a serious culture of smoking. At the Tokyo Tobacco and Salt Museum (founded by Japan Tobacco Inc.), visitors can encounter these two very important daily ingredients in the life of ancient Japan and see, among other things, replicas of the tobacco shops of the time. Edo. Since then, the Japanese have started growing their own tobacco and producing their own cigarettes later.

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One of the oldest cigarettes still produced in Japan is the Golden Bat. They started to be produced in 1906 and it is still a popular vintage cigarette without a filter. This is a fairly inexpensive cigarette and not made from high quality tobacco, so the taste may vary. Also, there has been a rumor that a certain amount of heroin or opium was added to Golden Bat cigarettes during the 1930s in order to make them more addictive. But nonetheless, it is a brand of cigarettes with a long tradition, interesting history and name. Sakura and Caster are also popular cigarette brands in Japan, and others that you’ll see further down the list.

By the way, you can watch the video below to find out 7 brands of cigarettes that contain the least tar and nicotine.

Japan was once a land of heavy smokers, but now tough laws and high cigarette prices are driving that number down. Realizing the bad impact of cigarettes on health, based on our article on Top 10 Harmful Ingredients in Cigarettes, the Japanese government recently imposed some restrictions and bans in order to reduce the number of active smokers. The success of the restrictions can be seen in the fact that in 2002 49% of the male population were smokers compared to 36% in 2010, and to this day the figure continues to drop below 30%. Popular cigarette vending machines have a limited time to dispense cigarettes between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. (but you can buy them in stores). It is also the only time when cigarette advertising is allowed. Although laws and restrictions vary by region of Japan, smoking is strictly prohibited outside outside of marked areas.

This may not seem the case, but Japan plays an important role in the production and the global tobacco market. Japan is in the 3rd place in the global tobacco market (15.8%), and take the 5the tobacco consumption ranks in volume, just behind China, Russia, the United States and Indonesia. Japan Tobacco Inc. is also one of the leading tobacco companies (along with Philip Morris International Inc., British American Tobacco Plc. And Imperial Brands Plc.). Japan Tobacco Inc. exports to over 120 countries. Besides, besides factories located in Japan (there are 4 cigarette manufacturing factories and one tobacco related factory), Japan Tobacco Inc. has also established factories all over the world. Tobacco manufacturing factories have been established in more than 30 countries including Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Canada, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Malaysia, Taiwan and many others, and tobacco factories in the United States, Brazil, Malawi and Russia. .

For the best-selling Japanese cigarette brands, we got information from the Japan Tobacco Annual Report Fact Sheet for 2016. Although Japan Tobacco also produces cigarettes from other brands, namely American Spirit, Marlboro, Winston, LD, Sobranie, here we will only focus on the only Japanese brands of cigarettes.

So, if you ever decide to try Japanese cigarettes, take a look at our list of the top selling Japanese cigarette brands:

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