Tobacco group sets lowest price for cigarettes

The Philippine Tobacco Institute, the organization of registered manufacturers of cigarettes and tobacco products, said on Monday it had set the minimum price for cigarettes at 82.49 pesos per pack of 20 sticks in a bid to stamp out smuggling and illegal sale.

PTI has issued the Bureau of Internal Revenue Revenue Memorandum Circular 79-2022 Notice issued June 10, 2022. The notice provides regulations on the sale of tobacco products in the country.

The notice also stated that only BIR registered cigarettes listed under the BIR RMC number. 79-2022 can be legally sold in the Philippines.

He highlighted the need for cigarette brands to include the mandatory graphic health warnings with Tagalog text on the front and English on the back; and the tax stamps of tarsier or vinta design required as proof of tax payment.

The PTI Notice lists the fines that could be imposed on tobacco manufacturers, distributors and sellers for violating these provisions. Fines of up to 500,000 pula and imprisonment of up to six years for violators of the minimum price of cigarettes; 200,000 pula for up to five years in prison for violating graphic health warnings; and a fine of up to 1 million pula to eight years’ imprisonment tax stamps.

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