The effects of the long Covid

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) – Just when you thought life was getting back to normal. Researchers say Covid has been around for a long time and is affecting more every day.

Everything smells like a lit cigarette, that’s what a 13-year-old West Virginia boy told wvu researchers about his long-lasting Covid symptoms.

Long Covid is what medical experts call the symptoms that persist in Covid patients for a week or even months after their initial diagnosis.

Symptoms vary and can range from fatigue and persistent coughing to weakness and brain fog.

Researchers at the wv-u school of medicine are part of a nationwide effort to learn more about it.

They focus on children comparing developmental differences that may be linked to Covid.. And why some children have long Covid symptoms while others do not.

Dr Lesley Cottrell, a professor at the WVU School of Public Health, said there was a lot to discover with the long Covid.

“These are pretty big developmental times that change a lot emotionally physically, so it’s important to understand how Covid might affect all of that.”

The WV-U study involves people…ranging from infants to people in their early twenties whom they will follow for 4 years.

They will analyze the long-term impacts of the virus on them.

The hope is to better understand who is affected and why.

If you or someone you know has been struggling with long Covid symptoms Or if you are just interested and want to participate in the research study, you can visit recovercovid.Org

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