The use of e-cigarettes has been shown to be associated with several unintended side effects related to otolaryngology, according to results presented at the AAO-HNSF 2021 annual meeting.

After performing a literature search in several large databases, the study authors identified 32 studies reporting side effects from the use of electronic cigarettes. The results showed that the most common unintended side effects associated with otolaryngology were throat irritation, cough, mouth irritation, and damage to the oral mucosa.

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Five studies described complete or partial resolution of these side effects at follow-up (3 to 12 months). Negative voice results were seen in 2 of the studies.

Of the studies included in the review, 4 investigated pediatric outcomes. A large proportion of users also reported concurrent tobacco use. The study authors noted that a meta-analysis could not be performed due to the significant heterogeneity of the study.

“The long-term impact of electronic cigarettes on the upper aerodigestive tract is not known given the recent emergence of this technology,” they concluded, adding that further study is warranted to determine safety. of the product.


Amanian A, Phulka J, Hu A. Side Effects of Electronic Cigarettes in Ear, Nose and Throat: A Scope Review. Presented at the AAO-HNSF 2021 Annual Meeting; 3-6 October 2021; Los Angeles, CA.