See the banned cigarette machine in action

[Fraens] has designed a number of fantastic 3D printed machines and made great videos that show how they work. The last episode was an automatic cigarette stuffing machine, and it has quite a complex number of moves, and somehow manages to get the job done.

Whereas [Fraens] generally downloads STL files for all its machines, this one is prohibited! Selling automatic cigarette chargers is illegal in Europe, and it’s unclear how close to posting them on Thingiverse is the legal limit. So until the legal dust settles, you’ll have to settle for the fantastic video, also embedded below.

But honestly, devil sticks aren’t good for your health anyway, and you’re probably just in it for the mechanics. Think about the problem for a moment – you have a hopper of tobacco fibers that all like to stick together, and you need to pack them in an easily crushed lightweight paper tube. These tubes are not easy to handle either. The solution to both of these calls for solenoid valves that agitate both in place.

There’s also a 3D-printed rack and pinion for doing the pushing, and a cool stepper revolver mechanism for putting the empty papers in the right place. The machine relies heavily on 3D printing, but also simple hardware parts like aluminum and brass tubing. [Fraens]The builds of are still simple yet very clever at the same time, and you’ll learn a lot by watching it all go together.

And when you’re done, check out more of [Fraens]. We were impressed with her sewing machine, braiding machine and even an electric loom.

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