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The country’s air quality continues to decline day by day. Industrialization and change in people’s lifestyle has created increasingly booming pollution. About 100% of the country today is breathing air that does not meet quality standards. Speaking to HT Lifestyle, Gagan Dhawan, Founder and CEO of The New Me – a series of books and kits that urges people to adopt a healthy lifestyle, said: “Of the 10 most polluted cities in the world , 3 are from India. Air quality has a direct impact on our eyes, nose, throat and lungs. In such a scenario, it is essential to take sufficient preventive measures to reverse the evil.

Gagan Dhawan further noted the preventive measures that can be taken to recover from the effects of pollution. Looked:

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Air quality index: It is important to check the air quality index before leaving the house. In cities, the air quality index usually peaks in the early morning and afternoon. For exercise, Gagan Dhawan recommended choosing lush green spaces with more trees than main roads. If it is impossible to avoid polluted areas, an N95 respirator should be used at all times.

Indoor pollution: We always think that pollution is outside and that our homes are a haven of peace free from pollution. But sometimes indoor pollution can be a health hazard. Purifiers and humidifiers can be installed in homes to protect them from pollution. Active and passive smoking inside the home should be discouraged and avoided as much as possible.

Diet changes: Watching what we eat can help us fight the effects of pollution. “Detoxifying foods like ginger, citrus, and Tulsi can act as protective agents. Jaggery helps the body eliminate toxins from the respiratory tract. A diet rich in vitamin D is an anti-inflammatory that can help boost immunity levels and support the body’s natural healing processes. In addition, vitamin D has protective properties against respiratory tract infections. Also, taking steam regularly can clear the entire airway,” said Gagan Dhawan.

Exercise: Exercising regularly helps the body fight against chronic diseases. Aerobic exercises help the body increase blood oxygen levels, rejuvenate organs and reverse the effects of pollution. Exercises such as running, swimming, stretching, cycling, and jogging also help boost overall body immunity.

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