Protect your skin from the harmful effects of smoke and forest fires

Air pollution from wildfires can cause skin inflammation and premature skin aging. Sponsored by Pour Moi Skincare.

Wildfire pollution can have a lasting impact on your skin. Medical research has found a link between smoke and skin irritations and diseases.

“A lot of our signs of aging are actually caused by inflammation of the skin that accompanies smoking,” said Ulli Haslacher, founder of Pour Moi. “In short, where there is smoke, there is fire. Where there is smoke there is inflammation of the skin, and where there is smoke there is premature aging of the skin.

After realizing the distance traveled by smoke particles, Haslacher worked to create Smoke Alarm Drops to protect the skin from the harmful effects of smoke.

“The smoke cannot be contained,” Haslacher said. “There is no smoking section.”

Although lingering smoke particles are invisible to the naked eye, they are harmful to the skin. They get stuck in the surface layers of the skin and can cause oxidative stress. This includes particles from wildfires, as well as chimneys and cigarette smoke.

For Me Smoke Detector Drops are the first beauty product to protect skin from smoke damage. One drop creates an invisible, lightweight, anti-inflammatory shield in the upper layers of the skin.

“In a world where nothing really works 100%, I’m so proud to say that Smoke Alarm Drops does,” Haslacher said. “They showed 100% effectiveness on your epidermis, which is the outer part of your skin, and 100% on your dermis, the inner part of your skin.”

Smoke Alarm Drops and other Pour Moi skincare products are made in France with premium European ingredients.

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With every purchase, For Me donates a bottle of Smoke Alarm Drops to firefighters who battle smoke and wildfires every day.

“We unite with our customers to help protect their skin, but also to pay tribute to them because they put their lives on the line every time they walk into these fires,” Haslacher said.

To learn more and place an order, visit the Pour Moi website.

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