Post Malone on smoking 40-45 cigarettes a day and the effects on his voice

Fresh off his well-received album Twelve karat toothachePost Malone has partnered with the Complete shipment podcast team for a nearly two-hour interview in which his affinity for cigarettes was discussed.

Around 12:11 p.m. in the video at the top, Posty was asked to reveal how many cigarettes he usually smokes on any given day.

“On a really terrible day… there’s a very fine line between a terrible day and a good day,” Malone said. “40, 45. The moment I ask Ben for that second pack, I’m like, ‘Okay man, relax. … But the moment I open that third package, I’m like, ‘I’m such shit and I need to go to sleep.’

When asked to reveal the most cigarettes he “ever tore up in a day”, Posty estimated the number to be “probably, like, 80”, or about four packs. He also said he used to smoke in bed, but no longer does.

“Now I have, like, a special area that contains my PC and my magic the gathering shit so i just go out there and fuck fags and build decks and die in them Apex Legends,” he said.

On whether or not he fears the habit is having a negative impact on his voice, Posty cited Johnny Cash as an example of someone who “still sounded cool” despite smoking.

“Yeah, it definitely does,” he said when asked if he was worried that smoking might “mess up” his voice. “But I mean, Johnny Cash smoked his whole life. He sounded cool, you know?

See the full interview above, along with additional highlights from the Complete shipment team below.

On Friday, Amazon Music’s rotation created images of the Twelve karat toothache listening experience, which was recorded June 2 as Post Malone’s friends and family watched.

“I’m just trying to recreate the feeling you get in the studio, hearing it at 6 a.m., hanging out and having fun,” Posty said in a statement when the video was unveiled. “I originally wanted to do it in a spaceship. But it’s not possible, that’s what I’m told.

Ideally, Post’s favorite setting of a spaceship will be made possible for a future album. In the meantime, discover the full Twelve karat toothache listening experience below.

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