Pacific launches two new cigarette brands

By Mandipa Masenyama

CIGARETTE manufacturing giant Pacific Cigarette Company (PCC) has launched Pegasus and Branson Flame cigarettes, which come in roasted and menthol flavored variants, a move to expand and strengthen its domain in the market.

In a statement, PCC outlined how the flagship Pacific lineup will now be available in other variants.

The other variant is Hong Ma, which specifically targets the Chinese market.

“The two brands created in 2008 to complete the flagship Pacific range will now be available in toasted and minty versions. Pegasus will also be available in a variant called Hong Ma, which was produced to cater to the Chinese market in the region,” PCC said.

“Hong Ma introduced in 2021 and distributed by Empire Tobacco has proven to be a cigarette of choice for Chinese people due to its distinct Chinese flavor.”

PCC pointed out that the other two variations are extremely popular in terms of satisfaction from the smoking experience, as Pegasus toasted and Branson Flame will come in different flavors that are unrivaled locally.

PCC chief executive Itai Watinaye said the introduction of new cigarette variants is part of the company’s plan to expand its market and offerings.

“Pegasus and Branson have always been part of our portfolio of brands aimed at certain markets and offering world-class quality and flavor at affordable prices. By expanding our offer, we will offer more choice to these discerning customers and do so at unbeatable prices,” said Watinaye.

Watinaye assured the valued CCP customers that their products will be available in every corner of the country.

“With the expansion of our Pegasus and Branson offerings, we continue to offer the customer more choice and value while our distribution network ensures that our quality products are available in every corner of the country,” Watinaye added. .

Through the production of quality products, PCC has flourished since 2002 as the first indigenous owned cigarette company in Zimbabwe aiming to understand and meet the needs of local customers.

Pacific Cigarettes Company is also known for supporting and sponsoring local football, musicians as well as several empowerment initiatives.

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