Oncolytics: preclinical data show synergistic immunotherapeutic effects of Pelareorep radiotherapy


(RTTNews) – Oncolytics Biotech Inc. (ONCY, ONC.TO) announced preclinical data demonstrating the synergistic immunotherapeutic effects of pelareorep in combination with radiotherapy in a mouse cancer model.

The preclinical studies featured in the poster evaluated various therapeutic combinations of pelareorep, ionizing radiation, and anti-PD-1 therapy in mice with two bilateral tumors, each located subcutaneously (under the skin) of a different side of the body.

Radiation therapy and / or pelareorep treatment were administered locally to one tumor, while the second tumor (noted abscopal tumor) was not directly exposed to either therapy. Anti-PD-1 therapy was administered systemically.

The results showed that in primary tumors, pelareorep monotherapy resulted in a numerical increase in the number of infiltrating anticancer CD8 + T cells, which reached statistical significance when combined with radiotherapy.

In abscopal tumors, pelareorep monotherapy and pelareorep-radiation combination therapy led to a statistically significant increase in infiltrating anticancer CD8 + T cells. This effect was not observed with radiotherapy as monotherapy, neither in primary tumors nor in abscopal tumors.

Local administration of radiotherapy alone and the pelareorep-radiotherapy combination in primary tumors significantly improved survival compared to untreated controls.

Compared with radiotherapy as monotherapy, the pelareorep-radiotherapy combination led to a numerical increase in survival, which reached statistical significance when anti-PD-1 treatment was added to the treatment regimen.

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