National campaign to raise awareness of the effects of single-use plastic relaunched for another year

The popular ‘Saving Our Blue’ marine protection campaign returns to its fourth edition, as it continues to work to raise awareness against marine pollution and support the importance of sustainable decisions, to further reduce the use of plastic for single use.

In a statement announcing the news, the Ministry of Environment said that landfilled waste poses a threat to ecosystems essential to people’s lives and livelihoods.

“The success of this campaign therefore depends on the public’s willingness to consider and opt for alternative sustainable products as part of their daily routines,” the ministry said.

The campaign is relaunched the year Malta banned the distribution and sale of these single-use plastic products.

The campaign targets the public through various initiatives, also including students aged six to ten in collaboration with the Summer School centers in Malta and Gozo.

“An educational campaign will focus on the harm that litter can cause to our marine life. The mascot for this campaign is Maggie, the sea turtle who will raise awareness through a series of episodes about her adventures,” the ministry said.

As part of this campaign, various beach cleanups will be organized as well as other dive cleanups around the beaches of Malta and Gozo with the participation of various government entities, voluntary organizations and private companies.

Environment Minister Miriam Dalli urged the public to do their part by opting for alternative products while also taking part in the cleanups that will be organized throughout the summer edition.

“The Saving Our Blue campaign aims to raise awareness of marine protection and its ecosystem. The public is encouraged to make sustainable choices and dispose of waste accordingly,” Minister Dalli said.

Statistics show that the most common litter collected during local beach cleanups are cigarette butts, plastic bottles, spoons, straws, bottle caps and tumblers.

Those interested in participating in this campaign are invited to contact Saving our Blue on social media platforms for more information and other initiatives taking place during this fourth summer edition.

Representatives from Ambjent Malta, Parks Malta, ERA and NGOs Żibel and Nature Trust were present for the launch.

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