NATA Alerts on the Effects of Smoking and Alcohol on People with COVID


The National Tobacco and Alcohol Authority (NATA) warned yesterday that alcohol consumption and smoking will affect users’ immunity if they are infected with the COVID virus.

NATA President Samadhi Rajapaksa urged the exercise commissioner general to personally visit the surroundings of alcohol outlets in Colombo city and suburban areas even after this travel restriction period ends. and take immediate action to notify relevant authorities to cancel their licenses given the large number of COVID-related deaths are reported daily in all regions of the country.

Dr Rajapaksa said that considering the pathetic health situation in the country, the majority of people are in the habit of using various drugs to improve their immunity in order to get rid of this deadly virus and at the same time it is a pity that a part of society be accustomed to smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol.

He said he had personally seen the scuffles near alcohol outlets the day before the government imposed travel restrictions and how people gathered in the hundreds to buy alcohol.

Dr Rajapaksa said that cigarettes and alcohol definitely lower immunity and help the COVID virus easily enter the body.

He said that although a person has taken both doses of the vaccine, the immunity of people who smoke and drink alcohol is drastically reduced. Dr Rajapaksa also mentioned passive smoking and said that as a result of such a situation, the immunity of other people living in close proximity to each other would also be threatened.

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