Michigan Smoke Free Policy (and 70 brands of vintage and rare cigarettes)


I remember watching TV when I was a kid and seeing all those cigarette commercials on TV. These ads made smoking fun. Many of them were cartoons (even Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble advertised where they were behind the house smoking Winstons), and others had actors portraying “doctors” who claimed that ” 4 out of 5 doctors recommend (branded) cigarettes ”.

Some ads said you could date girls, attract guys, be a “real” man, be a sex goddess, make new friends, get a job, and enjoy food more if you smoke a certain brand. Damn it.

In 2021, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes in Michigan was $ 6.78. A carton will cost around $ 50 or more. I remember when I was in high school you could buy an entire carton of cigarettes (ten packs) for three dollars … and a whole bunch of coupons were inside, good to redeem for cool stuff!

Are you old enough to remember Michigan’s relaxed attitude to smoking? I mean, you can smoke just about anywhere, indoors or out, without a conviction.

Restaurant patrons – no matter where they were seated – could smoke. There were no designated smoking areas and you were not sent outside to smoke. To appease the customers of the non-smoking restaurants, “non-smoking” and “authorized smokers” sections have been designated. After a few years of this, it turned out that it still bothered non-smokers. Two tables could be side by side: one as a “non-smoker” and the other as a “smoker” and this obviously did not do the non-smoker any good.

After years of this, smokers were told they had to go out if they wanted a cigarette, even in freezing weather. After a while, THAT wasn’t good enough, and smokers were told that they couldn’t even smoke in front of the facility … “walk down a block and smoke”, they told them. -one says.

Nowadays, according to the Michigan Clean Indoor Air Act No Smoking Policy, places other than restaurants where smoking is prohibited are:
Sgovernment buildings and parking ramps
VSconference and meeting rooms
Mmedical facilities
Eentrance areas of state buildings. Smokers must stay 25 feet from all entrances.
All State vehicles
… and the list goes on, with updates every year. Learn more about it here.

I do not condone or condemn smokers, I am simply pointing out how different our attitudes and laws towards smoking have become over the past 100 years.

All the talk I just did was lead to this photo gallery of 70 brands of cigarettes. Most of them have been abandoned, some are from other countries, others are recognizable, a handful of whom I don’t know if they are still made or not. Perhaps you smoked it in your youth. Anyway, there are weird brands here mixed with rare brands.

Take a look and see how much you remember … then see some old cigarette commercials featuring the stars of some old TV shows!

Discontinued, rare and old cigarette brands


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