Machine Gun Kelly Recklessly Covers System of a Down ‘Antennas’: Watch

Either Machine Gun Kelly is desperately trying to get away from metalheads or he’s trolling us all. First he insulted Slipknot, and now he’s slaughtered a cover of System of a Down’s “Aerials.”

The rapper-turned-pop-punk singer was a guest on The Howard Stern Show this week. For some strange reason, MGK thought it would be a good idea for him and his band to perform System of a Down as part of his visit. It’s no easy task for a singer to match the soaring operatic voice of Serj Tankian, let alone one whose range is limited like MGK.

While his backing band did an admirable job of instrumenting the Toxicity song, MGK’s vocals were rough from the first note and sounded like continuous vocal tension throughout the performance. Seriously, if you can visualize what a sore throat sounds like, that’s MGK singing “Aerials.” Also, it probably didn’t help that he smoked a joint (or maybe a hand-rolled cigarette) throughout the song.

The performance even caught the attention of SOAD bassist Shavo Odadjian, who posted the video to his Instagram, asking, “Any thoughts on MGK’s cover of ‘Aerials’ live on Howard Stern? Suffice to say that most of the comments have not been kind.

Meanwhile, SOAD guitarist-vocalist Daron Malakian also posted the performance on his Instagram, but was diplomatic in his assessment of MGK’s performance: “I don’t know much about @machinegunkelly, it’s still a honor when someone covers your song, so I can I don’t hate the guy for taking a chance. Basically, a nice way of saying, “Nice try!”

Of course, it doesn’t matter what we think, because Machine Gun Kelly has the final say. He recently announced a massive 2022 tour kicking off in June, and he already sold out Madison Square Garden in one day. For those who want to see him deliver his pop-punk tunes (and hopefully not an “Aerials” cover), tickets are available through Ticketmaster.

On a darker note, Machine Gun Kelly also told Howard Stern that he hung out with Taylor Hawkins just two nights before the Foo Fighters drummer’s tragic death last week. MGK and Foos were playing on the same festival circuit in South America, and when the Asunciónico music festival in Paraguay was canceled on March 22 due to bad weather, Foo Fighters invited MGK to hang out with them on the roof. of a hotel.

“I went up, and I got out of the elevator, all 20 of us [in my crew], and Taylor, Dave, the entire Foo Fighters team, but especially Taylor, he reached out to all of us and gave us our moment,” MGK said. “All of us, down to my assistant. “Are you from Topanga? Oh, I’m from Topanga. Man, such a beautiful soul.

He added: “I really want to thank him and let his children know that he made us feel – at a time when the outside world was really hard on us – he made us feel so confident in ourselves and loved ones, and your father is a great, great man, and we were all blessed to know him.

Watch Machine Gun Kelly perform System of Down’s “Aerials” on The Howard Stern Show below, followed by Instagram comments from Shavo Odadjian and Daron Malakian.

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