Do you receive a monthly net salary of 3,000 USD? Find out how much you can borrow from the bank.

Revenues are the first item studied by the lender when applying for credit. Indeed, they make it possible to determine the debt capacity, that is to say the share that the borrower can devote to the repayment of a monthly installment of credit. How much can one borrow with income of 3,000 net USD per month? Explanations.

Why calculate borrowing capacity?

Why calculate borrowing capacity?

The borrowing capacity corresponds to the financial effort that a borrower can bear to finance the purchase of a home with a sufficient amount of living to live and without jeopardizing its budget balance.

For a real estate purchase, the total percentage of loans subscribed, which corresponds to the debt ratio, must not exceed 33% of the borrower’s income. For example, if you receive a salary of 3,000 USD per month, your borrowing capacity will be 1,000 USD per month. However, the borrowing capacity of some buyers may exceed the threshold of 33% since their remaining lives are considered sufficient by the credit institution.

Thus, the calculation of borrowing capacity is an essential step to know the amount of the loan to which you can claim. Your borrowing capacity, your personal contribution and the assisted loans you can benefit from will allow you to adapt the financing plan for your real estate investment.

How is the borrowing capacity calculated?

How is the borrowing capacity calculated?

To calculate your borrowing capacity, you must add all of your income (wages, bonuses, alimony, rents …) and subtract your expenses (rents, loan maturities, energy bills …). The result is your actual annual income. Divide the figure by 12 and multiply by 33% to obtain the maximum debt ratio. You can then determine your borrowing capacity from which the bank can calculate the amount of your loan and the repayment term.

The simplest solution is obviously to use an online mortgage simulator. You only need to fill in the required fields before getting the answer in a few seconds.

How much can one borrow with a net salary of 3,000 USD per month?

How much can one borrow with a net salary of 3,000 USD per month?

This table shows you the amount that can be borrowed with a salary of 3,000 USD net per month according to prevailing rates.


Borrowing capacity

15 years

163,845 USD

20 years

208,523 USD

25 years

245,803 USD

30 years

 266,759 USD

Thus, with 3,000 USD of income per month, you can for example borrow 208,523 USD over 20 years or 266,759 USD over 30 years. To get a more accurate estimate of the amount you can borrow, do not hesitate to simulate your borrowing capacity before comparing offers with the help of a 100% online tool.