Holyoke man charged with illegal stockpiling of machine guns


The 56-year-old allegedly lied and told authorities the guns belonged to his son and his girlfriend.

A Holyoke man is accused of storing multiple unregistered firearms and conversion devices that can operate a firearm as a machine gun.

Daniel Augusto, 56, was arrested on Friday after a federal grand jury in Springfield indicted him on one count of unlawful possession of machine guns, six counts of unlawful possession of unregistered firearms and a chief of false statements to the FBI, according to the United States. Office of Attorney Rachael Rollins.

The February 23, 2022 indictment alleges that Augusto unlawfully possessed several unregistered firearms, magazines and silencers, including more than 40 conversion devices and forced reset triggers which are classified as machine guns under the federal law.

“Guns are deadly weapons. There are strict licensing and registration requirements for firearms,” Rollins said in a press release. “The illegal possession of firearms and, even more so, machine guns, poses a great threat to the safety of our communities. Gun laws are in place for a reason. The conduct alleged here is very serious. My office will continue to work with our law enforcement partners to identify and prosecute individuals who attempt to bring deadly weapons into our communities.

Prosecutors say Augusto lied to federal agents when he said all the guns in his home belonged to his son and his girlfriend and that he never asked the couple to buy the guns.

The charges carry a maximum of 75 years in prison, up to $2 million in fines and forfeiture of illegally owned firearms.

“Illegal possession of unregistered machine guns is a federal crime that the ATF takes very seriously because it threatens the safety of our communities,” said James M. Ferguson, Special Agent in Charge of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, of Firearms and Explosives, Boston Field Division. “ATF has a long and productive relationship with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners in fighting violent crime and stopping the illegal possession of firearms that are not legally registered. “

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