Greenbutts forms partnership with industry leading machine manufacturer

The two recognized leaders in their respective technologies are now working together towards the common goal of providing plastic-free filter alternatives to the global tobacco industry.

Global industry demand for a viable and scalable alternative is driven by single-use plastic (SUP) regulatory compliance, such as the SUP Directive enforced by the European Union.

SAN DIEGO, November 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Greenbutts LLC. (“Greenbutts” or the “Company”)is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperative development agreement (“CDA“) with Montrade SpA (“Montrade“) (collectively the “Parties“).

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Tadas LisauskasCEO of Greenbutts, said, “Our continued innovation and intellectual property behind our biodegradable filter technology enables multinational partners to achieve their plastic reduction goals without sacrificing the sensory experience smokers expect. Together with Montrade, we expect to have great success in the European Market, where new environmental compliance demands plastic-free alternatives.”

“At Greenbutts, we are continually improving and strengthening our strategic alliances by creating a strong partner ecosystem that will bring the speed and robustness needed to support the transformation of the industry to eradicate SUP cigarette filters,” Lisauskas continued.

In 2004, Mrs. Antonella Giannini and Mr. Alberto Monzoni challenged himself to create a new way to reinvent the tobacco machine industry. Thanks to its spirit of innovation, the solid expertise of its staff and its healthy entrepreneurial culture, Montrade immediately won the trust of several multinational customers, growing rapidly and becoming one of the most respected and reliable machine manufacturers. most important to the global cigarette industry. Today, Bologna, Italycounts among its loyal customers all the multinationals of the world tobacco industry.

Pursuant to the CDA, the parties will work together towards the common goal of meeting the industry’s global demand for a viable and scalable alternative to cellulose acetate cigarette filters, which are now recognized globally as a harmful single-use plastic and the transition to plastic-free filters. alternatives.

By combining the filter technology and manufacturing expertise of Montrade and the patented materials science of Greenbutts, the goal is to develop next-generation biodegradable and water-dispersing cigarette filters, working together to meet the regulatory requirements of the Single Use Plastics (SUP) Directive taken into account. effect by the European Union.

Antonella GianniniMontrade’s Sales Manager, said, “Montrade is always striving to grow for an ever-changing and rapidly approaching future. When designing for ocean and environmental sustainability, our innovations in paper filter technology along with new plant-based technology such as Greenbutts Water Dispersion Substrate will work together to meet the demands of the European Union for single use. plastic directive.

Luis SanchesChief Strategy Officer of Greenbutts, said:Montrade not only manufactures machinery, it provides effective solutions that are fully aligned with the sustainability goals of our organization and our industry. We are very happy to further strengthen our collaboration with the Montrade team. Together, we have found through this partnership a descent plan to transform the tobacco industry and, eventually, other segments of the industry. Actions like this set high standards of commitment to a sustainable future.”

On behalf of the Board of Directors,

Tadas Lisauskas

CEO, Director and Chairman of the Board

About Greenbutts™️

Since 2010, Greenbutts has worked with R&D institutions, multinational tobacco companies and industry experts to develop natural filter technology capable of replacing the most polluted plastic in the world, cigarette filters. Driven by new single-use plastic (SUP) legislation enforced by governments, the company is actively engaged in the global commercialization of its proprietary, plastic-free and proprietary material technology, Greenbutts™, meeting the industry’s global demand for biodegradable filters. The technology uses fully patented materials science and is biodegradable, plastic free and water dispersing; designed to reduce the significant environmental impact caused by pollution from plastic cigarette filters. The company’s sustainable filter technology design features a natural, fast-degrading cigarette filter using a proprietary blend of food-grade fiber materials. The unique blend of materials is designed to enable a sensory experience and filter manufacturing process similar to acetate filters and provides a seamless transition from plastic filters for the global tobacco industry. Greenbutts filters disperse in water in minutes and degrade in compost in days, as opposed to 10-15 years as is the case with traditional cellulose acetate filters. Greenbutts natural filter technology is fully patented in the US, UK, Canada and is patent pending in other countries, covering key geographic areas of the cigarette industry. Greenbutts fully patented biodegradable filter is one of a kind and solves the main problem that multinational producers suffer from: the need for an alternative filter without compromising sensory, taste or customer experience. The registered trademark of the company Greenbutts™ offers a sensory experience similar to traditional cigarette filters without leaving behind plastic waste, providing a viable alternative to plastic filters while complying with new SUP legislation initiatives.



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