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TOLONO, Ill. (WAND) – Data shows that nearly 800,000 children in grades 8 through 12 started vaping nicotine in the 2021 school year. The CDC also saw a huge increase in sales of Electronic cigarettes.

A 52.3% increase since February 2020 and a 73.2% increase in e-cigarettes without tobacco flavor. But many are unaware of the true damage they can cause.

“After a softball game, I came home and I just couldn’t stand. I kept falling, and my dad called the ambulance, and they rushed me to the ER. I don’t remember,” Zachary Thomas told WAND. New.

Zachary said he started vaping in college in 2017, not knowing what would happen next.

“Turns out I had a stroke at 27. I had a stroke at 27, which is rare,” Thomas said.

Zachary says he still feels the effects to this day.

“And then I had nine surgeries later in my head… So three years and I still have no function in my left arm, or my left hand. I have a newborn son, I couldn’t take it or walk it alone. My wife has to do most of the work,” he said.

US Senator Dick Durbin demands change. He says: “For years, the FDA failed to regulate e-cigarettes and allowed millions of vaping products to enter the market illegally, fueling the youth vaping epidemic. Today, millions of children are using cigarettes due to FDA inaction and our findings underscore the seriousness of these continuing days.”

With children out of school and home alone, Zachary urges parents to talk to their children.

“I would just like to have a conversation with your kids about the harmful effects of vaping. Even though they may have fruity flavors and smell, they still contain harmful chemicals that can harm your body over time,” said said Thomas.

He hopes his story will reach at least one child, to let them know that vaping is not okay.

“I hope this story touches someone, a kid who vapes and quits. Because they don’t want a stroke to happen to them,” Thomas explained.

To learn more about the harmful effects of vaping, visit the CDC’s website for more information.

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