Azerbaijan’s main tobacco company talks about the lack of certain cigarette brands in the local market

BAKU, Azerbaijan, May 17. A lack of sales of certain cigarette brands or an increase in their prices has been recorded in Azerbaijan in recent days, Tabaterra CJSC, the country’s largest tobacco manufacturer, told Trend.

According to the company, it produces more than 100 varieties of cigarettes, including brands belonging to major international companies such as British American Tobacco, Japan Tobacco International and Imperial Tobacco Group.

The CJSC said that until March this year, the raw materials needed to manufacture under license products [under
Sobranie and Winston trademarks] were supplied by the factories of the three mentioned companies located in Ukraine. However, due to the armed conflict in Ukraine, raw materials from the factory [of
Tabaterra company] since March are supplied from other countries in the region, mainly Turkey.

“The Sobranie and Winston brands belong to Japan Tobacco International. Winston branded products have been produced by our company since 2019 and Sobranie branded products since 2021,” the company explained. “Due to the difficulties in the field of logistics arising in the world amid the ongoing conflict, the process of changing raw material sourcing countries for certain varieties of products has taken longer.”

“For the varieties mentioned above, the source of raw material supply has also already been determined and in the near future the raw material will be delivered to our company. At the same time, we would like to note that there is no There are no difficulties with issues related to other types of products produced by our company,” the company added.

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