5 surprising effects of smoking

Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. Cancer is one of the effects of smoking. Regular cigarette smoking can lead to lung cancer, cancer of the mouth, bladder, and cervix, and can also cause acute myeloid leukemia. Smoking can weaken the body’s immune system, leading to the continued growth of cancer cells, which can increase the risk of cancer.

2) Chronic respiratory diseases:

Smoking can damage the airways and the small air sacs (alveoli) in your lungs, which can lead to heart disease.

Smoking can affect infertility in both men and women. This can lead to pregnancy complications and erectile dysfunction. The chemicals in cigarettes can also lead to the loss of eggs in women and the ability of sperm to fertilize eggs. It can also cause male sexual impotence.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that leads to too much sugar in the blood and affects how the body converts food into energy. One of the causes of type 2 diabetes is smoking. The more cigarettes you smoke, the higher your risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Cigarettes increase inflammation in the body, which interferes with proper cell function. It also causes damage to the cell.

Menopause is a natural decline in reproductive hormones when a woman reaches her 40s or 50s. Smoking can increase the risk of early menopause. This is because smoking decreases estrogen level in women, and low estrogen level can also lead to dry skin and memory problems. Early menopause can cause vaginal dryness, changes in sex drive, and breast tenderness.

If you find it difficult to quit smoking abruptly, you can gradually reduce your cigarette consumption.

– Use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

– Practice yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

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