10 brands of cigarettes people in Massachusetts should remember


I quit smoking four years ago this month. My wife was just diagnosed with cancer and my father was also undergoing cancer treatment. I just decided “this is it, I’m done” and threw about a third of a pack and never looked back, not even a puff. I don’t even think about it, frankly.

However, growing up both of my parents smoked, including my grandmother, and like a typical teenager, I was strangely intrigued by smoking. I finally stole one of my moms one day and ran into the woods with a buddy and we got into a bad habit. At first the shock in your lungs was unbearable, but it takes “getting used to”, doesn’t it?

Smoking is terrible for you on many levels; however, cigarettes were a big part of American culture.


This British brand of cigarettes was introduced in 1873.

I used to mow the lawn for a woman who smoked cardboard tareytons, always wanted to steal a bundle, but never did! Tareytons sported a two-part filter.

Targeting women, this brand was launched in 1971.

Introduced in 1871, Luckies was the best-selling brand in the 1930s and 1940s.

Introduced in 1936, “As a dentist I would recommend the Viceroys”.

My Uncle Danny’s Favorite!

My grandma’s go-to, that and a hot, steep Manhattan!

Introduced in 1969, Doral was renamed as a thrift brand in 1984.

Introduced in 1952, Kent was consistently in the top ten until 1979.

Pronounced PAL MAL, not PAUL MAUL, these cigarettes were introduced in 1899. Filter or not.

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